Saturday, September 1, 2007

I am back !

I have not been blogging for a very long time. For the longest time I couldn't even use my computer. I totally blame my sister :)
My sister came home from her visit to Japan (she was there for a year as exchange student) and pretty much made a mess out of my organized life. I couldn't use computer, because she was always occupying it. She would make a mess in the house and for some reason I had to clean it. If you have younger sisters, don't you just love them?
The only good thing that came out of my sisters visit is that I got to hide out in my basement and work on my kits.
Sorry Misato-chan that I didn't answer your tag. If you are still interested, let me know.

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Misato-chan said...

Hi Annya!
Glad you are back, I had to stay away for a while too! The tag thing is a game, if you feel like having fun with it go on! ^_~