Monday, January 28, 2008

Faye from Cowboy Bebop

I got this kit from eBay and it is a Thai recast (yes, I know, stupid me ) The only reason I got it was because I really like the music box and I wanted to see how I can handle it. The kit itself wasn't that bad, the fit was very good, but it was very very hard. The music box was in OK shape, except the top part of it. I had to totally re sculpt it (see photos). One of the first things I did was saw off her shoes from her legs. It is much easier to paint and it looks more natural. Her hair was a mess too, so I had to use lots of putty to get in into shape. Still considering that this is a Thai recast I had fun building it. Now a little rant about the colors I really don't know who was the original designer for Faye character, but he (I bet its a HE, no respected woman would wear this) was totally color blind. I am not talking just about the outfit (which is very weird), no I am talking about colors. The guy picked all of the prime colors and put them all together. Yellow shirt, red jacket, pink stockings, blue shoes, orange bandanna, purple hair, green eyes, black spandex Color blind I tell you. So anyway, I had to adjust the colors a little bit. Orange bandanna is gone, its the same color as the shirt now. Her stockings is more natural beige color (and not glossy ). The buttons on her shirt match her shoes and there is purple shadows on her red jacket. I tried my best to bring the colors together and I actually like it now The funny thing was that I finished Faye very fast, but it took me forever to paint the music box and find a nice base for her. At last she is done.


Misato-chan said...

One day I'll have some commission for you! ^_^
Or better still, we'll that exchange, although I'll be a much luckier girl than you!
Love your Faye!

Annya's Workshop said...

Exchange is fine with me, except this time I am putting some insurance when I mail it :D Just in case...