Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dian from Ikkitoisen

Another commission kit. This is 1/7 Dian from Ikkitoisen. She is done by the same sculptor that did the Chouun that I did earlier.

The kit is actually quite large for its scale, which is a very good thing (lots of details). She have four different options for display. There is whole version, and there is battled version. Just like Chouun.

The part break down is very good, but its still a very complicated kit. The biggest challenge was the skirt (at least it was for me). The skirt comes in three pieces, also it includes the underskirt which is three pieces also, and on the top of that, the underskirt have a lace fringe with you guess comes in three pieces. I really don't like to see a seam lines on my kits, so I had to deal with each skirt separately. First I glued the top skirt (sand, sand, prime, sand) and I glued the underskirt pieces together too. I think in original design the underskirt pieces are supposed to be just adjusted to the main skirt, but it would leave some gaps and seams and I can allow it. After the underskirt was glued and primed and sanded like hundred times, I glued in the lace fringe. Another session of sanding and priming. Fun

I think that I really hate lace skirts now, well at leas for another month or so. After all that lace was done, I had to mask it all. Fun, fun, fun.
At least I enjoy the painting part.

I still have lots to do, but at least I can see the light at the end of this tunnel. she is coming along very nicely.

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