Saturday, February 21, 2009

Look what I got

One of my really good friends, Steward (Mr Patient or ArtyAMG), sculpted this wonderful gymnast girl. And I am lucky enought to get one of the casts.
I love Steward's work and apparently he likes my style of painting, so we decided that he will give me a kit and I would paint one for him. I am not sure who is the bigger winner in this deal >.<
Now I just have to decide on the colors for the girls.


Misato-chan said...

What color? I can't believe you are not going to use blue! Ahah! ^_^

Annya's Workshop said...

LOL Ila, you know me so well. I am still thinking about the colors. Steward send me a red and gold ribbon for my kit, so I have to incorporate those colors into the kit. For his kit, he would not give me a specific color >.< He said he trust me to pick a good color for him. This is not making my job any easier :D Oh well, I will think of something.