Sunday, September 13, 2009

Workbench - Lacus Clyne and Ryomou Shimei

I've been working on two girls, Lacus Clyne and Ryomou at the same time. Both of them coming along very nicely :D

The skirt for Ryomou is all clear. So first I sanded all the seam lines (the skirt looks all white and not clear anymore). After it was done, I applied the Future Floor finish to smooth out the scratches and make it all transparent again.

The one on the left is sprayed with Future, and the other one is not. There is a big difference.

I was so excited about painting Ryomou that I forgot to take pictures. Here is her middle body all painted with shadows already applied and finished up skirt.

The skirt looks like a solid color until the light hits it :D
I really like how it turned out.

Also I worked on Lacus's coat.
It involved lots and lots of masking :D

I spend hours masking this thing, but the end result was totally worth it.
Both of the girls have their skin already painted and shaded, I just have to take some more pictures of them. They are starting to take a shape now, so more updates follow :D


Misato-chan said...

Wow, the first Shunya's Ryomu! Gorgeous, but then again, it was to be expected, no?

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you Ila :D
I really enjoy working on Ryomu. I don't think I would had picked it up for myself, because I have way too many kits from the same anime. I would had missed a lot of fun. Its a great kit.

Misato-chan said...

So you think I should get her? I don't have any Ryomu yet, though I have in my wishlist the chinese dress (standing) and the lolita ones...

Annya's Workshop said...

If you like the character, then yes, get her. She doesn't have oversized boobs :biggrin: and the sculpt is great. The only small problem I had so far is with the top of her stockings. They come two separete pieces and its ot showen on the kit where the stocking began so you have to do it yourself.
Otherwise she is great.
Of course you can always wait a little bit until I am all done with my kit :lol:

Misato-chan said...

I think I'll get her eventually then... my only concern was the pose, that I find a bit weird, but the face is gorgeous and I like the outfit. Of course seeing yours I like it even better! ^_^

Misato-chan said...

BTW, care to share how you paint the clear parts after applying future? (and do you do that by AB or brush?) I've only painted clear parts once and I'm not totally satisfied... did you use lacquers?
Questions, questions... *hugs Annya*