Friday, February 18, 2011

Workbench - Bayonetta

I did not forget about this "little" lady.
Finished up her face and make-up.

And spend uncounted hours on her FOUR weapons.  
All of the black and gold lines are hand painted, which required some patience.
I really like the final result, I just wish not to see it again for at least a year :D

I still need to put the gems in the weapons and attach the charms.
The only other things I have to finish on her is ribbons and her base.


Ведьма said...

Indeed, it is not a small lady. But I really liked the makeup. Only here the eyebrows ... as a very disheveled

AssassinsCreedFox said...

Agree that she is not a small lady so it is hard to forget about her XD Her face looks Beautiful and her guns are Amazing! Can't wait to see this one all together!!


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