Monday, June 20, 2011

Workbench - Dark Magician

I started to work on E2046 Dark Magician (its their ORI project from couple of years ago).  The kit is based on Lineage II game.
Since the store had this kit for a while and made countless copies of it, the cast is not the best.  The whole surface of the kit have the "orange skin" effect on it   >_<   Not a pleasant sight.

For this elf my customer asked me to make her look like Pirotase (I have the name of the anime on the tip of my tongue :D ).  So she is going to have nice dark skin with blond/yellow hair and lilac outfit.

I actually worked on this kit for a while, didn't have any time to record my progress.  But all the prep work is done and now its coloring time :D
The skin is painted.  This is only second time when I had to paint such a dark skin and let me tell you, I really really like how it came out :D  Maybe I should paint this color more often.

 Sorry for the boobies shot.  I hope I didn't offend anyone :D

The main armor was painted with chrome paint (from the can :D) and followed up with Createx pearl purple mixed with some Future Floor Finish.

The inside of the cape was painted next.  It needed contrast for all the shiny lilac on the main outfit, so we decided that it needs to be flat red to balance it.

 Before painting all of the gold lines (by hand), I outlined them with black (by hand :D).  The cape is done, but I do have lots of other armor pieced to complete now.  Hopefully it won't take me too long.

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August said...

She's better know as Pirotess and is from Record of Lodoss War series :)
Looking at character names written in artbooks, it looks like they have no idea how their character's names should be written in English ;)

Too bad the cast is poor, I've been thinking about getting one for myself.

Anyway, I love Your works, and I'll keep looking for updates ^^