Saturday, July 30, 2011

Workbench - Ignis

I haven't updated this topic for a while, even though I have lots of progress photos  :D
Its time to fix this little problem.

Painted Ignis' skirt, by adding butterflies.  Everything is free hand sketched, so please don't ask me for design :D


Next I painted her shoes. 

Got the hair painted too :D 
The pieces really gave me a lot of trouble.  Not because it was complicated, but just because the main hair piece is so heavy.  I had to paint one half of it first, wait until its dry (by holding it in my hand) and after that paint the other half.  Even the legs didn't give me this much trouble.
Anyway, first I painted the hair the same neon pink that I used for the bottom of the skirt and after that I layered the deeper red.  This way she have very nice highlight that ties together with her skirt.


After the bottoms of the skirt were dry and cured, I glued them to the top of the dress.  The back part was no problem, but the front needed lots of attention and sanding.   Sorry for the blurry picture.

Here is a small preview on how she look with her hair and skirt.

She is coming along very nicely.  A lot more stuff have to be done, but the end is near :D

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