Thursday, October 20, 2011

My older kits

 I used to have a very nice gallery on E2046 site, but they decided to reprogram it and I lost all my gallery pics.  So since I have to reload all of them back, I decided to re shot some of the kits (my photography skills were very poor at the time :D).
So here is some of the new photos of the old kits.

Mini Belldandy 
April 2007

1/8 Sailor Saturn in shirt
December 2006

1/5.5 Asuka on Rollerblades
June 2006

1/6 Nijihara Ink (My first ever airbrushed kit)
April 2006

1/8 Sakura on the Lamp Post (my first "properly" done kit and my first entry to a contest)
December 2005

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