Saturday, November 26, 2011

Workbench - Rei in clear suit

Now that my workroom is all remodeled, I got a couple of new projects to work on (on the top of the older ones :D  )
This new project is 1/4 scale Rei in Clear plug-in suit.  She have lots of clear parts and looks amazing.  Can't wait to start painting her.

The parts came in in the spaced out almost vacuum packed packages.  Looks cool :D

Her fingers are amazing. 

 The shop removed some tabs from this kit and didn't do such a good job.  They made a big boo boo in the funny place   (*^.^*)
Its not that hard to fix, but worth mentioning.
Here she is, standing tall and proud.


Ведьма said...

Oh, wow! This is a new package for e2046? Very nice figure. The truth is not very similar to Ray. I'll wait for your performance!

Annya's Workshop said...

The kit is from E and I guess one of their workshops have this new way of packaging. I actually really like it :D
The Rei kit is pretty big and you are right, she doesn't look like 14 year old :D or like most of the other representations of her. Different is good.

Ведьма said...

Now I'll look forward to their own set of E.
Oh, I'm not a fan! It's just a general observation. As a rule I do not care how and whom to paint. As long as the customer was happy!

Stan/England said...

Your clear parts look at least clear ,i got the kit from E a year ago and have had to polish all the clear parts then future them.Look forward to see how you paint the kit.I found this site interesting
Used google translate and this is the effect i,m hoping to achieve but the transparent paint effect is not explained very well.