Monday, December 26, 2011

Workbench - Mana from Muv-Luv

I am trying to update my blog with all of the work I've done this year.  For some weird reason, this girl didn't get any topics at all on my blog    >_<
Sorry Mana

Here is some WIP photos:

Some parts of the kit.  I painted it once, but didn't liked how it looked, so I had to strip everything off and start all over. This is the picture of the body after the striping  :D

I am very happy how her eyes and hair turned out.

The body suit involved lots and lots of masking :D

 Now the base was a challenge to build. 
I used thick foam board to cut the pieces for the base and glued them all together.  After that I had to do lots of sanding and puttying.   The final result was worth all that work :D


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