Monday, July 2, 2012

Workbench - Vampirella

And the last update for today is this big beauty.
Can you say "hot mama"? :D

This lady is 1/4 scale and cast in grey resin.
The details on her are amazing.

As amazing as she looks, she have a lot of problems.
Lots of seam lines and lots of bubbles that will take some work to fix.

Its going to be "fun" fixing all those small holes on her bra :D

This is it for now.
And I hope my next update is not a month away :D


Dreamers said...

This one is pretty amazing, isn't it? A friend of mine is working on her too. But the quality is more than bad. If you work on the material all over the legs tiny little holes appear and makes you want to scream. It looks some kind of porous stone or a really fine sponge. Hope you had a better quality here.

Annya's Workshop said...

Hi Dreamers
You are so right :D
Even thought its a very beautiful sculpt, the cast is not the best. This is the first time I had to work with this kind of resin and I am not sure I like it. It doesn't sand the same way. Plus there is tons of bubbles :D Oh well, I guess this is what you get when its a private casts. Still, this beautiful sculpt deserves some extra work I have to put into it.

Eryk said...

Hi Annya,
I'm very sorry. I thought that the quality will be comparable to Sam Greenwell kits :(
Maybe if I would buy it from the quality would be better.

Dreamers said...

Hi annya,

there is a cold cast version of this GK as far as I know. The quality of the coldcast is much better than the resin Version. But don't ask me where to get it. I just saw it once.