Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Workbench - Lelouch King

This "little" guy is for a friend.
She provided me with this kit and it was such a pleasure to work on it.  I think it was one of the cleanest resin kits I ever worked before.

So without any delay I present you Lelouch, the king of Britania from Code Geass.

The only small thing I had to really fix before priming, was a tip that broke off his cape. Hopefully it will do a lot better when I ship him  >_<
I had to insert some pins, since the glue by itself will never hold it strong enough.

 Some parts after two priming's.


 This kit is a pleasant challenge for me.  It is always kind of hard to get the white to look good.  I really love how my grey shading turned out.
Oh, by the way, I am trying to get the same colors and feeling as the first picture of Lelouch I posted at beginning.

 The shading on blue.  One with flash and the other one without.
Guess which is which :P

 Glossed up the boots and a quick preview of his lower parts

 OK, next pictures are results of some very involved hand brushing hours.

 And of course, the king can not be without his chess board.

 His Highness is almost finished.  I just hope you guys don't mind me cramming almost all of the WIP on him in one post.

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Otohime said...

Great caracter and great job. Details are impressive on clothes :p