Sunday, July 21, 2013

Workbench - Aries

This is one of the kits that I've been working for a very loooong time :D
I started to clean  up this kit in May of 2010, painted it half way and put it on the shelf to wait until the better time. 

The kit itself is sculpted by Sam Greenwell and was suppose to be one of the twelve zodiac girls.  Only Aries and Taurus were sculpted (at least to my knowledge).  Its too bad, since it was an amazing idea.

Here is some of the clean up pictures I took.
The cast is hollow and the resin is light grey color.  The surface had lots of bumps and scarches that were bugging me, so they had to go :D



 I decided to cut off the arm, since it was very hard for me to reach some of the areas under it.  Plus it was easier to paint :D


Some of the fingers were missing, so I had to resculpt them.

This is after I finished cleaning her up.
The first skin layer.

And her blue bikini (which probably the reason why I couldn't proceed with finishing her, something was just sitting right)

I do have her all finished up today, I just need to take some good pictures of her.  I hope you come back to check her out :D 

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