Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Nine Balances - Nu Wa

Its time for the goddess to get her spotlight time :D

The girl is all ready for paint (plus all of her hair extensions :D)

 For the base color I used Buff Beige acrylics by Anericana.  I just found this new line of satin paint and just had to try it out :D  The color itself is alittle pale, but great as a base tone.

 Shaded with some transparent Brown Iron Oxide (Golden acrylics)

 Next is her body color.  First I shaded with Sap Green and followed up with some green/brown washes.

 Highlighted with Light buttermilk white (drybrushing)

 Did the same treatment for her hair/feathers.


her spine
 some head pieces

 her long long tale

 Added her main hair/feather piece

 Now a little tutorial on eye lashes :D
I am using the real "fake"eyelashes

 the eye is already painted before I put any lashes in.
 Using Elmer's paper glue, I added the lashes

 Cut the lashes to size

 After the glue dried, I outlined the bottom on the lashes with black.  Most of the glue dries clear, but couple of spots were a little discolored.

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Captain LOL said...

She come along fantastic
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