Friday, August 14, 2015

Workbench - Holo 2

After finishing my little Holo, it was time to start on the second kit of the commission.
This is 1/8 scale (I think) of Holo with movable parts.  There is over 60 plus parts, not including the joint balls/connecters.

Parts after all cleaning and priming :D
I think I used up most of my sticks to hold this "little"commission

 Four faces - three sets of hands >_<

  And a quick preview before I take some final pictures :D

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frerr2 said...

Omg! This looks absolutely amazing! You have a great talent! I love both of the holos soo much! Thank you for making them for me! I will definitely come to you in the future for more if you'll have me? I know that last one was dificult! XD :) :)