Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dragon Crown Amazon - in progress

Another very interesting kit on my table.
This girl looks deceptively simple, but anything but that.  With a limited amount of parts, she have a lot of details, including a very intricate tattoo (decals were not included). 
This is another character that I am actually familiar with and admire the art this kit is based on.  Hopefully I can translate the art feel into the model.

 I am very impressed with how her arms separated from her body.  The muscle shaped created the breakdown. 

 After couple of long hours of hand painting, her tattoos are done :-)
I have to say that i am very happy with results.

I used a small mesh to paint her bra and underwear for scale-like effect.  Also used some nice Hammered Metal spray can from Menards.  It created some nice effects on her axe and her boots.

 Some extra few touch ups and she is done.

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