Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wonderfest 2017

I was lucky to visit this years Wonderfest and even enter some of my pieces into a contest.
Here is the results :-D

 Of course trophies is not the only thing I picked up from this trip ;-P

 My sister got this airbrush as a birthday gift.  Great airbrush, a little bit heavy on my wrist, but I love the precision.

 A very cool re-issued Indy.

 The newly released Filmy's Nefertiti.  She is even more gorgeous in person then on the pictures.

 Another piece for my Denizens of Zo collections.

And somewhat ugly Xena.  I was feeling very nostalgic when I got her.  Hopefully I can bring her back some beauty :D

I got couple other kits, but apperantly forgot to take a pictures of them.  Oh well, they will hopefully just show up as a wip project later.

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Anonymous said...

Inspiring quest there. What happened after?

Good luck!