Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Sakura couple

I call those guys "Sakura couple"since I don't know their names or where they came from.  Both of them have a very nice sakura shaped bases.  Hence is the name :-)

 the parts came  in as colored resin, but not as well divided as BOME's charagumins.  The blue resin was horrible to work on.  Super hard with lots of bubbles.  The rest of the colors were more or less OK.

I glued the skirt before I painted it.

 Let the painting start ;-)

 Both of those kits come with decals, but they were very bad quality.  I've done decals before and I think I know on what I am doing.  In this instance, the decals were too thick and ink was washing off.
I had to paint all the eyes by hand.

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Anonymous said...

They're sword brothers from Touken Ranbu! Blue one is Sayo Samonji, pink one is Souza Samonji :)