Monday, May 28, 2007

Takeo - girl with a mop

Quick update on my work.

I am still stalling with my Asuka kit. Poor girl is just sitting on my desk, half painted, waiting for her turn. Don't worry, I will get to you later.
Right now I am working on Takeo kit. Its 1/6 scale with very good part brakedown. I got her from E2046 store and she was pretty good cast.
This kit have very nice sculpted legs with all the right bones and detailes, so it was a pleasure to paint her skin. For the swim suit, I decided to go with a blue color. It just suits her better, I think. I used Americana colors for swimsuit ( I just love that blue ). I have to finish her hair and her broom. Plus I have a very cool idea for her base.
Hopefully update is coming up soon.

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Misato-chan said...

Americana rulez, as I said previously! That's Ultramarine Blue, isn't it? I have some from Createx and it's very nice too, but i might get some from Americana soon too, it looks too good!