Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New kits

I am totaly broke right now, I just recieved three kits in the mail and two more is on the way to me. My wallet is hurting , but the rest of me is dancing I just love recieving green packages from E2046.

Here is small run down on my purchases. Two of the kits are from Ori section on E.
I got Qiao Yin from Elegance and Elf Ranger from Darkness. Both of them came in the separete paper boxes with instructions. Both of them are really good quality. Now the only problem is that I have to figure out the colors for them. The original colors are nice, but I love playing around with my own colors (otherwise I can just buy a PVC or something

The other kit I got was from a forum member (thank you bustyanimegal). She is Mai from King of Fighters. This is pretty old kit (2001) and I never seen this kit before. Most of the Mai's kits are way too sexy (slutty) for me, but this one have lots of movement and character.
I was so excited when I got her, that I already started to work on her

The other two kits that are on the way are Roxenne and HTK-09 .

Plus, now with all of the new kits from Winter Festival showing up, I think my waller is in very, very big trouble. Good thing that I got some tax return coming :D

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