Saturday, June 6, 2009

1/4 Flaming Kanu

This is a commission piece, but also a contest entree for Summer Contest at the E2046 ( )

This kit is 1/4 scale, so its very very big. One of the biggest I had to work with, so I had to adjust some of my work techniques. One of them is that the parts are so heavy that my arm would get really tired holding a part. Still it was fun.

The kit itself was not the greatest. The sculpt of it is amazing, but the shape it came to me was something less exciting.
Lots of parts were broken (hair pieces, most of the tips from dragons, skirt broken in half, lots and lots of pin holes), since she came in a small box. But nothing major (just annoying).

I changed the colors on Kanu (customer request). I gave her red hair and I made it look like a flame. The sculpt really helped me with this idea :D
Usually when I use red, gold follows. So her armor is gold with clear red on the top of it. I had gold color airbrushed and red (and silver) hand painted.

All of her armor is removable. I had to put few magnets on the bra and some pins on her skirt.

I am very proud of my tiger skin. I think this is my most favorite part of this kit. I tried to make the back of the skin look like suede and I am very proud of result. It looks very soft and cuddly.

Oh, and I added some grass powder on the top of the base.
More pictures in my Photobucket account.
And don't be shy to stop by at E2046 to look at all the other entries.

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