Sunday, November 1, 2009

Workbench - Natsuki & Shizuru from Mai Hime

Another project that I picked up not too long ago. This is Natsuki & Shizuru from Mai Hime. I am not familiar with the anime, but was provided lots of reference material for better results :D
Now I just need to match all the colors.

The girls are very adorable and cute, but the resin is anything but cute :(
For an original kit, this kit gives me way too much problems. For some reason all the seam lines on the girls cut a deep line inside the resin. Usually the seam lines created by the shift in the mold, so it sticks out. It much easier to clean up then this :(
Oh well, nothing that a little putty will not fix.


AudioErotica (Tecate) said...

WOW, it is SO AWESOME to see the kit being worked on. Sorry for the extra trouble with the seam lines.

I know they are going to come out looking so beautiful!


Annya's Workshop said...

LoL, don't worry Janie, its not your fault. Plus its mostly fixed by now :D