Saturday, November 7, 2009

Workbench - Sailor Pluto

Another project that I had on my table for a while. I keep forgetting to write a blog about it :D

This is a 1/8 scale of Sailor Pluto.
It was a pretty good quality casting, only a few minor set backs.

I had a very specific idea on how I want Pluto's hair to look. It turned out just the way I imagin it :D (this is my most favorite part of this kit)

I've been working on her for a while now, so she is almost done :D
I just need to paint her bows and her staff.

(I think she looks creepy in the last pic >.<>


Misato-chan said...

While I'm no Sailor Moon fan, I always liked Pluto because of her hair! (BTW, does she know she doesn't have a planet anymore, since Pluto was declassed? LOL). And it indeed turned out just as I imagined too.. you know I love green! ^_^

Annya's Workshop said...

Pluto is my favorite character too :D
And I know you passion for green :P and I don't blame you for it. The color makes me happy too.