Thursday, December 10, 2009

My future project

Look what I got :D

I was very lucky to get this version of Rider from Fate/Stay Night.
Its not a full figure (too bad since its a gorgeous sculpt), but I have a very cool idea for her.
Now I just need time to actually work on her.


Misato-chan said...

I want to hit myself for not getting one too and now apparently it's too late! Argh!
I'll cheer myself up watching you working on yours, so do it please, ne? ^_^

Annya's Workshop said...

Sorry Ila, I didn't know you like Rider this much. Otherwise I would have mention this to you.
I will make sure to post some in-progress pictures ones I start on her. I just need to find time to work on her.

Misato-chan said...

Well, it's not like I like Rider in general.. I like this one. I did see it on the forum, but I wasn't really into busts till a little while ago and paid no attention. But this one is great!
That's ok, I will be happy watching yours! *hug*

Misato-chan said...

Hey, I might be getting one after all! Waiting for the definite answer but I'm hopeful. Just wanted to let you know! ^______________^

Annya's Workshop said...

This is so cool :D
I am crossing my fingers for you.
I would love to see your version of Rider :D


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