Thursday, December 10, 2009

Workbench - mix

Sorry everyone for now updating my blog for a while.
I got a little bit sick about two weeks ago, so I didn't had any drive to do anything. And right after I got better, I pulled a muscule on my right wrist (guess which is my dominant hand?). I couldn't hold anything for a long period of time. It sucks. I didn't reliaze I moved my wrist so much.
Oh well, I am all better now, so I am back to work :D

Since I am working on three different kits right now, I have a big collection of swords and other metal objects that needed to be painted. I decided to try this one new paint (new for me :D). Its laquer based paint that needs to be buffed after its applied. The picture bellow is the scepter for Pluto, the top piece is buffed and the bottom is not. I think I like it :D

I've been working on Mikage too. I had to rework her belt, since I forgot to make a space for the sword case >.<
Totally my fault for not paying more attention.

Painted the hair too :D

Mikage is almost done, I can almost see the finish line. I just wish it was a little bit warmer in my basement :D That would totally help to speed up the progress.


Misato-chan said...

Wow, I hadn't realized you were sick! Sorry about that Annya, it's good to know you are better!
Your participation in the contest is greatly missed, let me tell you!

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you for worrying :D I didn't want to "cry" about it on the forum, so I kind of kept it to myself. I am much better now. Plus my wrist is pain free ones again. It means that I can go back to working on my kits again.

About contest, I thought you would be happy, since it means that you have less kits to judge :P Just joking. I greatly appreciate your support.
Big Hug to you