Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Workbench - Nanoha

I know that I didn't update my progress for a while, but you have to forgive me for this. I got a cold. I feel much better now, its just I can't believe that after not being sick for 4-5 years, suddenly I get hit with so many nasty things all at ones >.<
I just hope that I am done for another couple of years.

Anyway, I've been working on Nanoha (and something else too :D). Her hair is all done. Sorry for bad photo, its all overexposed and doesn't show her colors too well. It will be much better when I take it in my "photo studio".

Also finished up all of the wings.
Wings are such a cute addition for any kit, but I descovered that most of the times they are a pain-in-you-know-what :D It always takes forever to clean them up.
Anyway, its all done and painted (my forest of wings :D)

Also her weapon is finished up too. I had to really look for directions on how to assamble it. There was no instructions included with a kit, so I had to hunt down the complete photos of her weapon. Hopefully I got it right >.<

The rest of the parts of the weapon. I can't attach them permanently, since it will be impossible to ship it like that.

Here is almost finished up Nanoha. Just few more adjustments and she is all ready

I am working on her base right now.

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Woo said...

OMG those are gorgeous eyes! Kawaii!!!

Even though I haven't done a kit with wings I'd imagine its the same ordeal as large hair or really frilly dresses ends. My right index finger is totally beat up dealing with Saber's dress. Saber 1, Woo 0.