Sunday, March 11, 2012

Workbench - Asuka (huge scale)

 Another update on Asuka.

Painted the darker cloth parts with Dioxide purple (did not wanted to use black since its so hard to shade and this beautiful sculpt deserves to be shaded :D )

 After Purple, shaded all with black.  It looks dark enough to look like its black, but still shows the nice folds.
I am going to keep this purple as a non glossy surface.  For me, the more different textures you can see on the kit - the more life-like it is :D

 Of course all this purple have to be protected and masked  >_< 
Lots and lots of small masking.

Painted her face (the only flesh colored part on the whole kit :D) and her eyes.

I painted the rest of the suit too, but forgot to take any in-progress pics.  Sorry
But I did take the pictures of her base.

The next update on Asuka will be the complete kit :D

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