Sunday, March 11, 2012

Workbench - Sailor Mars

A very quick project for a friend :D

This is an original Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon series.  She was already primed when I received her, so I had to give her a very long soak in degreaser to take everything off.

 The fit of the kit was very very good :D
The only thing that gave me some work was to glue her hair pieces together

 and one of her knees had lots of bubbles in it  >_<

 I love the movement on this kit, but I don't think she have enough hair movement.
So I added couple of hair strands (its made from Mountain Dew can :D)

The prep work didn't take that long (only about two days which is very short time for me :D).
Started painting.

The eyes and her hair are done (Flash and no flash)

Next update on Mars is going to be the complete piece :D
Thanks for looking


Kisekae said...

Annya, the eyes are very good. It's easy to see all your skill and practice and fine control necessary for painting the black eyelashes and trim. Always difficult.

Anonymous said...

I looooooove it!!!*________*