Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Workbench - Dragon Keeper

Another update on my Dragon Keeper :D

Painted the mechanical parts.
First glossy black, followed up with Alcaid chrome (no progress on the chrome paint :D)

 Masking :D
I did wait overnight before masking the chrome paint.  I had to use Future floor finish to seal it (last time I sealed it with my lacquer based clear coat, I lost all of the shine  >_<  )
Waiting on some stuff does pays off :D

Now the fun part - painting :D
Light golden brown for the base color.

 Added washes of brown (many layers) and a little bit of shading with airbrush after.

Shaded with transparent green..

and finished up with transparent red (just people who wonder why its so different from the other picture is because if you mix green and red you get brown :D I only wanted some areas green or red)

And this is on inside of the wings

And her very cool boots :D
Same steps as the wings, except that I hand-painted the scales after.


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