Monday, May 14, 2012

Workbench - Moka

This girls name is Moka.  She is from Rosario + Vampire anime and manga.
And she is one of my new projects :D

This is a conversion from PVC and here is the pre-painted version.

I was asked to modify the kit so her skirt and her bra are removable and can be showed with or without such.
Here is the fruits of my labor :D

The legs were in three pieces.  I decide to glue one of the legs in right away and fix the gap on the other side.

 The skirt is suppose to fill in the space between her underwear and the shirt.  I had to rebuild the stomach area.

 And this is how it looks after my all hard work :D


If you are very observant, you will notice the smooth space over her breast area on pictures above (or at least now you will back and check it out :D).  
Here is a step-by-step I did on her bra. 


This is it for this update :D
More is coming soon (hopefully)

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Selenia said...

Oh I have the same kit at home :) but it's not assembled yet. Will follow your wii ;-)