Sunday, July 12, 2009

Takeo finished

Finally I had a chance to take the final pictures of Takeo.
She was lots of fun to work on and it made me realize that I did in fact improved :D
I hope you like her.


Luisa "Lulu" Rosati said...

Wow, she's superlative! I've always digged the way you paint skin. *_* How did you manage to trace those lines on her bathing suit? They look like a transparency effect.

Annya's Workshop said...

Hi Luisa, thank you for your comment.
For the swimsuit, I painted the pale lavander on the suit first and masked it. After that I just used a darker lavander to finish up the swim suit. The transparent effect was totaly unexpected :D It just that the light lilac had the same tone as the skin color.
I hope this kind of answers the question. Sorry if its not too clear. Can't explain it better >.<

Otohime said...

And she is at home now... my precious :p