Friday, July 10, 2009


One again, I am working on few kits at the same time >.<

Takeo is almost done (just need some final touch ups and photo shoot). So it means that I have a little more space available for another kit.
In this case, its actually two in one :D
I actually get a chance to work on Sailor Scouts (my first love that started me on this journey).
This is a 1/8 scale Neptuna and Uranus in action poses. I got this kit long time ago from E and have to be honest, the quality was horrible (the store had lots of problems at that time, but resolved then now).
Most of the parts are already cleaned and fixed. Just have the skirts and hair to work on (the most messed up parts :D ) Hopefully I can get paint them soon.

Another going on project is Human Mage from Lineage
The kit is cast from PVC and had some very weird problems. Soem of the surfaces were very uneven and bumpy. This is my second kit recasted from PVC and I am not sure I like then that much. Except that this is the only way we can get any of this beautiful models.
Anyway, I did work on it for a while. I had to make a removable underwear for her (had to glue the legs first). For now I am testing out the colors on her.
She suppost to have red outfit with gold accesories. I am trying my new powder pearl paint :D
I think it looks pretty good.

And the last, but not the least is my Armor Girl
I have to rush this kit a little, since I am on the schedule. I hate dead lines >.<
Anyway, I decided to try something new for her too (well it least its new for me :D). Again pearl powder paint over gold metallic armor. I really love this blue.

Next update is probably going to be with pictures of Takeo.
Until next time....

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