Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have lots of things to update today :D

First is my Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.
They are actually all done, but I decided to show some of the in-progress pictures.

I had lots of fun painting Neptune's hair. Its kind of hard to see on the pic, but it does resembles the ocean waves.

Sailor Uranus body.

Both of the girls uniforms are shaded with pastels. Blue for Uranus and mint green for Neptune.

Ta-da, a quick shot of them on their new base.

Next is the Human Mage.
I painted her skin (I am very happy with results :D ) and her underwear.
Most of her

I still have to adjust the hair. It needs to be more reddish hue.
Also very happy with her eyes :D

And this is my newest project.
A couple of Code Geass kits.

I will post the final pictures of Sailor girls a little bit later.

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