Thursday, August 13, 2009

My future project (maybe)

I have a real love/hate relationship with any Wonder Festivals :D
I love the new kits that come out, but I hate all the new kits that are coming out.
Every half a year I have to stop myself from ordering too many kits (that I don't have enough time to work on anyway), but most of the time I am unsuccessful.

This time I just had to order this beautiful Rider by Vispo. I am not a big fan of the bikes, but I just couldn't resist this girl. There is so much motion and charm in this kit, that I just couldn't resist.

Now I just have to find some time to actually work on her :D


Misato-chan said...

I just can't wait to see your version... something tells me that I'll like your color scheme even more!
Are you going to cover her breasts like you did in the past?

Annya's Workshop said...

I am still thinking about the colors for this one. But I know for sure, I will make her some nice outfit to cover her boobies :D
Its not lady-like to ride around without your bra