Sunday, August 23, 2009


I can see the end of the tunnel for me :D
The Human Mage kit is almost done. I just had to do some small modifications (just to make her perfect).

I had to adjust the color of her hair. Now its black with red highlights. Also her lip color is more red now. She is a fire mage, so she needs more fire :D

For Mages weapon, I added a real stone.

Also some progress on Code Geass girls.
Both of them are pretty much done. I just have to glue the parts together and take some good photos.

This photo is taken with flash.


Misato-chan said...

Nice!! This will be the first Human Mage we see painted, apparently! And more Code Geass Girls? You are really on a roll with them! Ahah!

Annya's Workshop said...

I've been working on Human Mage for way too long. Hopefully she will be all done soon. But it does make me happy to be the first to post a complete kit into a gallery on E :D