Saturday, October 24, 2009

Workbench - Mikage

Progress on Mikage is more slow then Ryoufu. I had to do a lot more modifications to her.
After I got the fold off on her shirt, I had to work on her underwear (since it have to be removable too). I needed to attach the leg and remove the outline of underwear.

But first I decided to continue with some chopping :D The stocking would be much easier to paint if its separate from her hips. So here comes the saw

After adjusting the leg, I worked on her arm guards. My client provided me with this guards, I just had to make it fit :D
I added the magnets on the guards, so now it sticks on/off.

The bra is all ready :D
I had some challenge with this set of bras, since her "body" is in motion and it was hard to make them look the same.

The placement of magnets :D


Misato-chan said...

Don't you just love to chop up resin? I find it to be very fulfilling! LOL

Annya's Workshop said...

LOL, you are right Ila, I love it :D Sometimes I wish to smash some of the kits (specially if its Thai), but this is the next best thing :D