Friday, October 16, 2009

Workbench - Ryoufu Housen

Another project on my table is this Ryoufu. She also need some modifications :D

This girl came in with two different shirts (one is damaged and one is whole). The customer decided that he wants both versions, so the sleeves of the shirt had to go. It will be a sleeveless shirts, plus removable bra and bikini.

First things first, the rope had to go :D

Attached the arms and a leg.

Since all of her clothing supposed to be removable, here comes the magnets :D
I think in total she have 13-14 magnets on her. Better not put her too close to the computer.

The magnet map :D

Now the bikini time :D

P.S. If anybody have a problem with exposed flesh, please let me know. I will modify my pictures.

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