Saturday, October 24, 2009

Workbench - Ryoufu Housen

Had some time to work on Ryoufu.
For her shirt, we decided that it should look like its made from silk and have a oriental design on the back.

I had to edit my post a little bit, since some people were asking me about the design on the shirt :D
I did paint the design all free hand. Its the same design that I used on the fan on Mai from King of Fighters ( ).
First I painted metallic white on the shirt to make it look like silk. Then I added black outline of tree branches and after that finished it up with clear red (same red that I used for her bikini) for flowers. Its a very easy design that looks good without being too complicated :D
I hope this helps a little bit more.


h-mania_reika said...

So Awesome that Blossom on the shirt!! Gotta keep it in mind XD

Misato-chan said...

Wait! Did you paint the design free-hand? O_o
You are just on another level from us poor mortal being! *_*

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you guys :D
I did painted it by hand (I guess I didn't explain myself better >.<) I used the same design on Mai from King of Fighters for her fan few years ago. Good thing that I keep all of my printed reference pictures :D