Monday, March 29, 2010

Workbench - Simoun

Finished up the base for the girls :D

I decided to go with this rectangular base since I am going to add mosaic tiles to make it look like a bathroom floor (I liked the round base better, but it would be impossible to round up the tiles :D)

Some of the mosaic tiles I had on hand (I used the blue stones for my Takeo girl project)

Just a small test.

First I painted the base glossy black. After that I used Mosaic Tile adhesive I picked at the Michaels store. Apparently it dries clear :D This is the first time I am using this, so I wasn't sure about the final result.

This is after the adhesive was applied, but before it dried out. I left it to cure overnight.

The next day after gluing the tiles :D
I applied the Tub Seal that most people use in their REAL bathrooms :D I did used this stuff before for Takeo girls, so I actually knew what to expect.

The seal is all leveled out and cleaned up. Now I just need a bathroom sink :P

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