Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Percy Harvin watercolor.

Iknow I did not update this blog for a while, but it doestn mean I didn't do anything :D
Its been a fun couple of weeks. Between enjoying the spring time (getting out of my dungen :D), trying to restore the lawn, having a root canal done (actually it was remaking a root canal >.<), and getting a big huge blister on my palm, I actually finished some stuff up :D
This is one of the things.

This is the latest watercolor drawing for my friend. The guy in the picture is Percy Harving. He plays for Vikings now, but this is his college team uniform (Gators from Florida).
I don't really follow football, so this info is just for people who are interested at this kind of stuff :D

Another thing that I got finished is my entry for Summer contest at the E store. You have to wait until they post the entries first, then I can post it here. Don't want to ruin the surprise :D

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