Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Workbench - Kara

OK, since I am done with two projects, I have some space open in my workbench for another one :D
This girl with will be a hand full, since it wasn't the best cast and will need lots of fixing up.

The kit is a 1/6 scale Kara from Toushin Toshi ( http://www.e2046.com/product.php?products_id=9083 ). The kit was purchased from E2046 store.

The problem with the cast is not too bad, BUT.....
I do have a same kit from the first batch the store run, and this is god-knows-the-number batch. It was very easy to see how overused the mold is :(
See it for yourself.
The first run batch kit is on the left, the last batch kit is on the right.
See, it will take me a while to make it ready for painting


Woo said...

Huge difference that equate to hours of extra prep work. Is this later batch kit a commission project?

Annya's Workshop said...

Yes, this is a new commission kit. The thing is that I can't even leave a feedback for this kit back at the store, since I didn't purchase it :(
I was just amazed at the difference in quality.

Woo said...

I kind of noticed it myself but didn't have a direct comparison like this. The older kits I purchased required a lot of work compared to the newer ones like Charlotte.

I think I'll stick to new releases from now on.

TLTw804 said...

Thats a really notable difference, i never realised how badly an overused mold can effect quality of a cast.

Annya's Workshop said...

I had the same problem with Dark Elf kit. My own copy was in a first two runs and commission copy was about 2 years later. There was lots of difference.
Also for Kara kit it didn't help that it was in the Gathering, so they had to make lots of copies for that too.
If I like a kit, I do try to get the first run. The only problem is that half of the times there is no part pictures.

Hyony said...

Wow never thought that an old mold can be that bad D: But at least the Resin is the usual quality, isn't it?

Annya's Workshop said...

Hi Hyony. Yes the resin is still nice and soft. This is the only good part about this kit. I do wish the workshops retire older molds more often, but its just a wishfull thinking on my part :D