Saturday, May 15, 2010

Workbench - Revy

Its been a very busy week for me. I've been working an evening shifts at work and couldn't work on any of my kits :(
But I still got some stuff done.

I added some pearl handles to the guns (tried to stick with anime references :D). The only sad part is that most of the handles are hidden by Revy's hands. Oh well, at least I know its there :D

And shoes with laces :D
For laces I used jewelery cord painted black. Its very simple, but adds a lot to the scene.

Hopefully I will have more updates soon.


jfhiga said...

Very good job on the gun painting Annya, but I spotted something strange: the barrel of the gun (I think this is the part's name) is a bit too long...
Look at this link for a pic and you will see what I'm talking about.

Annya's Workshop said...

Hi jfhiga
Thank you for pointing out the gun problem. I am not that familiar with guns, so for me it looked OK :D
I actually already assambled the guns and Revy's hands so its a little too late for me to fix it up :( I will see what I can do.
But I will keep this in mind for the next kit.
Thanks again