Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Workbench - Revy

Revy is coming along very nicely :D
Finally finished up her skin and tattoos.
The kit did not include a decals (as was promised :( ), so I had to draw it by hand.
The hardest parts about tattoos was not drawing them, but actually finding a good reference for them. I looked at lots of different resin kits and every single one of them had a slightly different design. I found this set of decals (it was for a different Revy kit) which worked great for me.
Just in case people have the same problems as I did finding the design, here is the decal sheet (sorry for the blur marks, I had to remove the stores logo off of it)

So first I penciled in my tattoo and after that used dark brown paint mixed with some Future floor finish (for smoother layers) to color it in. The Future gives the paint a little transparent effect, so the tattoo looks a little more real.
I didn't use the pure black for tattoos just because its never that dark in real life :D

After the tattoos very painted, I assembled the kit. Still need to paint her hair and eyes.

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