Sunday, May 30, 2010

Revy finished

The finishe photos of Revy.
She was such a fun to make (even with her tattoo :D )


Darkage said...

Good job. I noticed you changed the color of the floor and made it glossy for a reflection. Nice touch.

Btw, link exchange?

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you Darkage
I added some Future floor finish to seal the base and got very shine with the right light :D

I added you to my links :D

vhayste said...

Great paintjob :)

I will start my very first resin kit as soon as it arrives and I'm looking forward in checking some of your works for reference :)

Annya's Workshop said...

hey vhayste, thank you for stoping by and you are welcome to use my stuff for a references.
Good luck on your first project.