Friday, June 4, 2010

Workbench - Sailor Pluto's base

I've been working on/off on few of my own kits between the commissions. Sailor Pluto is one of those side projects :D
Not that long ago I got myself some of the balsa foam and finally found something to try it on.
Pluto is kind of simple kit, so I figured that she need some nice base.
Here is the results on my experiment.

Now I just need to finish up my Pluto :D


h-mania_reika said...

Stunning as always :D

Hyony said...

Is the yellow stuff flower foam? It looks so different.

But very nice result! :3

Annya's Workshop said...

Hi Hyony,
no this stuff is actually a balsa foam. I found it in an art store, but you can get it on ebay or online stores too.
Its more dense and its very easy to use.