Thursday, June 10, 2010

Workbench - Euphemia

One of my new projects on my table.
This is Euphemia from Code Geass. I think this is the most beautiful sculpts of her. She is 1/5 scale and she is HUGE. I had to hunt down for a base for her, because I didn't have any big enough.

A first test fit.

I am going to have some "fun" with this hair :D

This is a very interesting project, so lets hope it will not take me too long to start painting her.


Hyony said...

I love this kit, if it just wouldn't be that expensive @_@

btw. Good Luck for the e20 Contest, I think you have my vote, the Siren is epic love! *-*

vhayste said...

She looks simple to paint at first glance but I think its one hell of a job to finish her!

Ilaria said...

Yay, Euphie! Now I really can't wait to see this one, Euphie is one of my fav kits ever! Is it a commission or your own?
There's no blue in this kit, are you going to add any? Ahah!

Annya's Workshop said...

Hey Hyony, thank you for the vote :D
I know that this kit is a little more expensive then the rest of the kits on E, but trust me guys, ones you hold it in your hands, you will know that it was all worth it :D
This girl is HUGE.
This kit is a commission, so no blue (or green) colors :P
I will have some very cool base for her.
By the way, Ila, big big thanks for sharing Euphi.

Ilaria said...

Annya, it was already worth it to share her for the pleasure to see you build one! ^____^
Ahah, too bad no blue nor green but I know she will look outstanding nonetheless!

Woo said...

No wonder she cost so much. Just look at the size of her!

Mickymar said...

WHAT BEAUTIFUL WORK!!! This gal is just gorgeous. It is a real art and takes patience beyond anything to put this together! bookmarked for future viewings.

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