Sunday, June 20, 2010

Workshop - Roberta

I couldn't help myself :D
Roberta have such an amazing part break that I don't need to mask any part of her dress. So of course the second all the prep work was done on the dress, I had to paint it (plus I really needed to take a break from all the sanding and priming)

My client requested a black uniform for Roberta (in some reference picture I found she is portrait in blue, black and even sometime brown). Since I am making her stockings silky, the dress had to be something else. The more textures I have on the kit, the more real it looks to me :D

I have this laquer based Flat black paint that I just love (I used it for Caster's cape). It was a perfect choice for Roberta (if I say so myself :P )

The black was easy, few layers of paint plus Flat fixative and its done (I don't shade black). Her underskirt and apron was a different issue.
First I just had to clean up all the uneven parts under the apron. I know that most peple will not see it, but I can kind of see it. There was no "maybe" about clean it up :D

For white I used Icy White (it have a slight blue tint to it). I find that its much easier to shade white with blue if you already have a small tint in it.
Does this makes sence to you? because its kind of hard to explain >.<

Base white color.

Airbrushed blue shadows.

Pastel shadows are added.

The finished up underskirt.
All this ruffles were a really good practice for me for when I start paining Elphi kit :D

And of course, coudn't help myself, had to see how it all looks together :D


Ilaria said...

Yes, your explanation about the Icy White makes perfect sense. I wish I could find some myself too but I only found the opposite (which is still useful and I love it), which is a light butterscotch, so a white going more toward ivory: good for when you work with warmer colors like red! ^_^

WhiteRabbit said...

The skirt looks great! I love the shading!

Hyony said...

The flat black looks so nice *-* There is a car I know with flat foil,it looks almost the same, love it! x3

Annya's Workshop said...

I am so happy that this makes sence :D
Sometimes I write something and later can't understand myself what I was talking about O_o
So Ila, whould you like me to pick some Icy White for you???? :P

Ilaria said...

Oops, Annya sorry, I just read your post.
Well, sooner or later I will have to ask you again to send me some supplies, so maybe we could throw in some of that Icy White too and whatever other favorite of yours! ^^
But there's no hurry, so don't worry about it! You are always the best, you know that, don't you?