Friday, June 18, 2010

Workbench - Euphemia

I've been working on Elphi for last couple of days. Mostly its just fixing up the ruffles on her dress >.<
I think I am starting to see it in my sleep.

This is the example of what I had to deal with :

The funny part is that this kit was fixed up by the workshop before it was recasted (thanks Ila again :D ), so the "original" kit was in even worse condition.
After trying to clean up the ruffles with sand paper for about two hours, I finaly found out a great solution. First I use my dremel to clean up the worse of the stuff and after that use a sanding pads to get rid off the bigger scratches, prime it, and only after that I use sand paper.

Also while I am using dremel, I am adjusting the sculpt in some places.
The first pic is the untouched skirt and the one after is the one I resculpted with my dremel (its the same spot of the skirt :D )

I love my dremel, it saved me so much frustration and sandpaper :D
Too bad it overheats very quickly. After doing half of the skirt, it became so hot that I couldn't hold it :D Oh well, everybody needs a break
I had some of the same problems with the hair (I didn't even started to clean up the single strands of the hair yet >.< )

So far, I don't really even think about the painting stage. Its clean, prime, clean, prime, clean, .... well you got it :D


Kike said...

Great job with the hair and the ruffles of the dress! :) It seems like magic! :)
I didnt know that Euphy had these problems, sorry u.u, and thanks for your patience with her :)

Hyony said...

The bigger the kit the higher the prep-work? x3
Looks good so far! :)
The overheat problem is bad, my airbrush-compressor has it too, after an hour it's so hot that I can't touch it x_x

Annya's Workshop said...

Don't worry about this Kike :D
Every kit have some prep work done, it just this is a huge kit, so it means more surface to prep :D

Hyony, my dremel is a tiny little thing, so it gets hot after about 15 min of non stop work. I couldn't even finish one skirt part all the way around o_0

WhiteRabbit said...

All those ruffles! your poor dremel! haha