Friday, August 13, 2010

Workbench - Nanako

The first time I came across this kit, I fell in love. I had to order her right away and started to work on her right away too.
This is Nanako Yamamoto ( ) and I've been mentioning her in the last couple of posts.

When I painted her eyes, I actually had my camera handy, so I decided to take the progress pics on it.

1. Painted the white inside the eyes

2. Outlined the eye lashes

3. Painted the main color of the eyes (I used metallic color this time for extra sparkle)

4.Outlined the blue with black (the black outline doesn't have to come out perfect the first time, you can always adjust it with more of the blue)

5. Added the shadow part of the eye (black)

6. Added a lighter blue ring around the iris

7. Added even more lighter blue (a very very thin line) very close to the iris

8. Added the white dots (the proof of life sparkles :D )

9. The last step is to seal this all with Glossy Finish (some people use Future) to even out the surface from all the bumps and give it an extra sparkle.

And also I just finished Nanako's base. I am very proud of how it turned out :D
Cool, right?


Kima said...

I like your Eyes much more than the original version shown on E's pictures... very nice...

Its a perfect tutorial (^___*)

Ilaria said...

Your eyes are always so perfect! O_o

Hyony said...

I want your steady hands! xD I have to paint Misatos eyes right after I finished my cappuccino, hope they turn out half as great as yours xD

And the base is awesome indeed *-* Love the small shells in it and the oceanwaves look very real :D

alexandr said...

Hi Anya,

Could you be so kind to help me with consultation about Folkart acrylic? You use them much in your painting.
I have bought several bottles recently (we have them in Russia :)) and tried to airbrush them onto e2046 garage kit (primed with canned Tamiya Fine Surfacer Primer L). My airbrush is 0.2. Folkart was thinned with the clear (osmos) water approx. 1/2
The problem is, that the airbrush gives big splatters, and because of that the painting is very inaccurate :(
Have tried another airbrush = 0.8 but the result is even worse...
May be you could explain how to use / thin Folkart properly? With what airbrush?

Many thanks in advance!

Annya's Workshop said...

Thank you guys for your comments. There is so many different ways of painting eyes and I am just learning some of them. Actually if you check the eyes for Nanoha kit tutorial, its actually a little bit different from this one >_<
So this is just a template. But yeah, it does help to have a steady hand :D

Annya's Workshop said...

Hi Alexandr, I do use lots of different acrylic paints and FolkArt is one of them. I almost always mix my paint with water (unless I want it shiny and then I use Future Floor Finish). The ratio is 1X2. One part of paint to two parts of water.
The trick with acrylic paints (at least for me) is that you spray a very light layer of paint (for the first layer) and let is all dry completely (I use hair dryer). After the first layer is applied the paint dries more naturally. It may look a little splattered, but since you need at least 4-5 layers of acrylic paint it will all level out. Just make sure each layer of paint dries before you apply the next, otherwise it will create puddles of color.
Sometimes you can get splatters if you deluded your paint too much (or not enough). Try to play with it a little. FolkArts have lots of great colors and I would hate to see you give up after just one try.
If you have any other questions, please email me to

I hope this helps a little.

WhiteRabbit said...

Thanks for posting the eye progress annya! :) I always love seeing how people do eyes!
That base is fantastic, what did you use for the water and sand??